JAN 2009_____________________
I just noticed the flash navigation (menu) STOPPED working for some retarded reason recently.
As of yesterday I'm rebuilding this site on WordPress, so stand by...
In the meantime, EMAIL ME if you need my ecu and jumper services at : KATMAN@FF-SQUAD.COM

It's been a while since I've updated!
Used parts section updated...


Used parts section updated - more P28's in stock


Haven't updated much lately. Added obd1-obd1 w/VAFC image in OBD1 jumper section. Used parts section updated.


Used parts section updated.


Used parts section updated.


Happy New Year!
Please start this year off right by helping fellow human beings who survived the Indian Ocean tsunamis via Apple.com. Thank you.


Merry Christmas!
Pricing has been lowered on ECU jumpers and ECU reprogramming services.


Site revamped. Navigating should be a lot easier than before. Please email me if you find any problems and/or breaks within the site - thanks!

11.12.04 _____________________
I discovered there's been an email issue on the contact/order page when using the E-form. A small typo was made in the E-form's design which in turn was not sending me your inquiries! I'm very sorry for this! Problem fixed.

06.30.04 _____________________
added non-vtec to vtec section under OBD1 ecu services.

06.25.04 _____________________
site launched.
various image links may not be working; fixing shortly.

long live abunia